Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terminator is back, so do the haze!

" I will be back" famous quote by Arnold in Terminator Film. However, the haze from Sumatra is also back. In conjunction of the released of the Terminator " I will be back!" Salvation. According to The Star The reading of Air Pollution Index (API) in Kuala Selangor is highest in the country at 74 as at 11am Saturday due to open burning in Sumatra, Indonesia.

A spokesman from Department of Environment (DOE) said based on a report received from Indonesia on Friday evening, there were more than 30 hotspots detected.

Kota Tinggi in Johor was second after Kuala Selangor with its API reading at 66, followed by Port Klang and Muar at 65.

Seri Manjung in Perak was next with API reading at 62.

...Spooky coincidence, but true!

PS* ppl in Sumatra. Watch out, when the wind direction reversed, we will revenge by smoking cigarettes and eat more char kuey tiaw( Fried noodle which famous for its smoke during its preparation ). Maybe can go Tokong also.

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