Saturday, May 9, 2009

Technologies Good or Bad?

Well, how can one not agree that technologies has bring humans closer. We have internet, telephone, mobile phone, email and blog too.
The reason I am writing this article is because I am now sitting in a cafe and I saw a guy sitting on a table beside me act weirdly, his fingers and hand move all around his head. I watched his movement for few minutes then only I noticed that actually he is using 3G on his mobile phone to chat with his friend as he is deaf ( coz he is wearing a hearing aid ).
Well, you surely can't use the conventional mobile phone/phone to chat in that way. All good things come with bad things, as we can see the world today is suffering from polution, global warming, trees being cut down. All this happen is because of the technology we have! How sad :(
Hopefully future technologies will will be innovative enough to benefit both the humans and nature together. Cause I really can't stand the heat of the global warming right now (sweating) ! :)..


Anonymous said...

MARVELOUS~!!! (clap ..clap..clap)
You are right in deep...human create the problem...human will bear the problem...

Eric How, said...

Please mention BlackBerry

Anonymous said...

save the earth..

"world peace"