Thursday, October 21, 2010

I never saw it coming, says feng shui master who lost left hand

GEORGE TOWN: Feng shui master Th’ng Keat Seong, whose left hand was chopped off in a vicious attack on Monday, says he really did not see it coming.

Th’ng admitted he did not get any premonition that something bad would happen.

“I am a feng shui expert. I don’t predict the future as I’m not a fortune teller,” he said.

Th’ng, 44, offers consultancy services to his clients and has his own shop selling feng shui items in Penang Times Square shopping mall,

He claimed there was someone out there who did not want him in the business due to jealousy.

Th’ng said he was walking to his car after dinner at a restaurant when he was attacked at Jalan Lintang Emas, near Jalan Besi, at about 8pm on Monday night.

Blood stains found on the car boot indicated that his assailants could have held his hand there before chopping it off.

“It all happened so fast and I can’t really recollect what happened, or how the assailants looked like.

“All I can remember is that someone yanked my left arm from behind and I felt a searing pain. The next thing I knew, my left hand was missing and there was a lot of blood,” said Th’ng, who is right handed, when met at the the Gleneagles Medical Centre yesterday.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

‘I forgot to close the door when lying naked’

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Compiled by Wong Pek Mei and Ong Han Sean

A 28-year-old man who was fined by the Ayer Keroh magistrate’s court for exposing himself to a student claimed that he had forgotten to close the door of his apartment, reported Sinar Harian.

Teh Zhi Yong was charged under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act for deliberately exposing himself to Hasliza Mokhtar, 23, at about 8am on Sept 27.

Hasliza had been on her way to class when she saw Teh lying naked on the floor of his home at Jayamuda Apartment in Ayer Keroh, Malacca.

When magistrate Mohd Fairuz Johari asked Teh during sentencing why he had not bothered to wear a pair of shorts or covered himself with a towel, Teh replied: “I forgot to close the door”.

Teh was fined RM100 in default of a month’s jail.

> Berita Harian reported that a gunman who tried to rob a goldsmith shop in Dungun, Terengganu, had to flee empty-handed after a glass display case he shot at 11 times failed to break.

State Acting CID chief Supt K. Manoharan said the gunman had entered the shop in Jalan Sura Gate at 5.30pm on Thursday, wearing a ski mask and gloves and carrying a sling bag.

He said the man had aimed an automatic gun at the staff, who however managed to escape by running to the back of the shop.

Supt Manoharan said the suspect then fired 11 shots at the glass case containing the jewellery but it did not break.

“When he failed to break the glass, he fled through the back door.

“It is believed that he made his getaway in a waiting car,” he said.

He added that although a closed-circuit television camera caught the gunman in his act, police have yet to identify him.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funny Justin Bieber inspired Facebook Status Updates
is wondering on which day God created Justin Bieber...  couldn't he have rested on that day too?
thinks if Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had a kid... it would look like Chucky
This just in from the centre for disease control.... To avoid catching Bieber fever...  Wash your hands and grow up!
thinks everyone should stop teasing poor Justin Bieber...  She has feelings too!
just found out that the next Hannah Montana will be played by Justin Bieber
is wondering what type of horrible mother calls their daughter Justin?
can't go out this weekend... I'm babysitting Justin Bieber
What can you write in 140 characters?  How about the memoirs of Justin Bieber?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please do not buy or wear Fur!

I think it's ok to kill animal if we need it's meat ( but do it in more humane way ), cause it's nature way of life. However I strongly against killing of animal just for fashion purposes, please watch the below clip, avoid if you have a weak stomach;

All New Proton Waja 2010

This might not be new to you, but proton is going to introduce all new Proton Waja ( B4 end of the year ), which is based on Mitsubishi Lancer. This is recently confirmed by TV3 news as they are covering the news. The below pic is grab from, enjoy!

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Weird huh?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cherry Blossoms Japan


Autumn in Germany


Saltzburg Austria

Neuschwannstein, King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Windmills of Holland


Disney Castle

Golden Maple Leaf

Edge of Glacier

Lavender Farm and Tree

Lavender Farm

Eiffel Tower

Earthbound Rainbow


Lavender at the Foot of the Mountain

Breithorn Peak ( Switzerland )

Deep Autumn

The Moon and Star on Earth

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