Monday, January 31, 2011

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fat cops in Pahang to be whipped into shape

Fat cops in Pahang to be whipped into shape

KUANTAN: All pot-bellied and overweight policemen in the state will soon be summoned to attend daily exercise routines to whip them into shape while all other personnel will have to go for weekly aerobics sessions.

Pahang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Sharifuddin Abdul Ghani said the move will enable “out-of-shape” police personnel to carry out their work effectively.

“I am aware that there are personnel in the force who are pot-bellied and overweight.

“As police personnel, it will be difficult for them to discharge their duties professionally (if they are overweight).

“So, I want all these personnel to undergo training and exercise daily to keep their weight in check.

“A good and healthy body is pertinent for uniformed personnel to serve the public,” he said after a walkabout at Kuantan Parade yesterday.

Also present were Semambu assemblyman Datuk Pang Tsu Ming, Teruntum assemblyman Chang Hong Seong, Kuantan MCA division chief Datuk Ti Lian Ker and Pahang Malaysian Crime Prevention Foun­dation chairman Datuk Johnny Ch’ng.

DCP Sharifuddin said all personnel were now required to take part in weekly activities such as aerobic exercise and complete a 2.4km run every month.

He said in addition, they were required to undergo various health checks and measure their body mass index to meet the stipulated requirement.

On a separate matter, he said his main target after becoming the top cop in the state was to reduce the crime index to meet the KPI set out by the police force.

“We are emulating the move by Selangor police to initiate walkabouts and more police presence in the streets,” he said.

On the use of synthetic drugs among youths and students, he said the situation in Pahang was under control.

DCP Sharifuddin said under the Ops Payung, police had set up two mobile beat bases in Air Putih and Kampung Jawa with three personnel each.

He said two of them would be assigned to do their rounds and another stationed at the base to monitor the situation there.

Monday, January 24, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

‘Dead’ woman comes alive during funeral

‘Dead’ woman comes alive during funeral

A woman who was pronounced dead by doctors came alive during her funeral procession – two days later.

She reportedly stirred and stood up while family members were burning firecrackers in accordance with local custom in the small Indian village of Vepachettu in Allipuram, about 50km from Hyderabad, Tamil Nesan reported.

On Wednesday, Pinnitla Varalakshmi had been admitted to the King George’s Hospital after she collapsed at her house while attending to her daily chores.

Doctors pronounced her dead on arrival and issued a death certificate.

While her “body” was being carried in a funeral procession on Friday, mourners saw her waking up, sending shivers down their spine. A relative, Nageswara Rao, said ambulance staff noticed her pulse and took her to a private hospital.

She was later pronounced dead again.

> A poor farm labourer from a remote village in Cuddalore, a district in Tamil Nadu, handed over her baby to a home run by a Christian missionary in Puducherry after her husband died in 1968.

The two-year-old baby was baptised, christened Jasmine and given to a childless Belgian couple for adoption.

More than 40 years later on Saturday, Jasmine had a tearful reunion with her mother at the missionary’s branch in Karaikal, Makkal Osai reported.

Jasmine, married with two children, flew from Belgium to India about 15 days ago with her husband and visited the home run by the missionary.