Sunday, May 24, 2009

Angels & Demons (film)

I really don't expected much from this film as I was disappoint with the previous Da Vinci Code, but turn out that this film really isn't disappointing at all. The storyline is a little different from the book to make the film understandable and keep the film within their runtime, as you can see Angels & Demons is really thick. These are some of the differences of the storyline compare to the book :-

1)The Camerlengo in the movie is Irish, not Italian.
2)The first murder does not take place in the man's apartment in the movie.
3)Robert Langdon saves the life of the 4th Cardinal in the movie.
4)The story of the parentage of the Camerlengo does not come out in the movie.
5)Many of the scenes in the movie have many police around, but in the book Robert and Victoria are alone.
6)In the book a BBC reporter and videographer play a major role. They are not in the movie.
7)The head of CERN plays no role in the movie.
8)Vittoria doesn't wear shorts in the movie.
9)The assassin is not shot in the foot.
10)The assassin is not nearly as large as described in the book.
11)The assassin does not kidnap Vittoria in the movie.
12)Robert is not nearly drowned by the assassin.
13)Robert is not trapped under a marble casket in the movie.
14)Robert does not go up into the helicopter with the Camerlengo in the movie.
15)Robert doesn't jump out of the helicopter in the movie.
16)The name of many characters differ from the book.

The film also act as a sequel to Da Vinci Code not prequel. I would rate this film 4/5 points.

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