Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RM150,000 for registration number TAX 1

KUALA TERENGGANU: A local bidder forked out more than RM150,000 for the registration number TAX 1 last November.

Terengganu Road Transport Department (JPJ) director Abdul Rahman Emang Anyie said yesterday the bidder was a businessman here but declined to divulge any more details about him.

Tender documents for the “TAX 1 to TAX 999” registration number ended on Nov 3, and the department received an overwhelming response for all the 1,000 numbers that were tendered.

However, the registration number “TAN 1” still holds the record for the highest bid after a businessman from Johor Baru paid RM200,000 to own the number.

On another matter, Abdul Rahman said his men had successfully detected traffic violators by posing as road users and passengers of public transportation services since February.

He said the 506 offences were recorded, while 257 cases of motorists beating the traffic lights were caught on the spot.

Abdul Rahman said the officers had snapped pictures of the traffic offenders, and summonses would be sent to them.

He said motorcyclists and pillion riders also formed the majority of offenders. Some 150 were captured on film for not wearing crash helmets.

“We will continue with the undercover operation as it has proven effective,” he added.

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