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Hong Kong Food & Tea ( Tropicana City Mall ) Suck!

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As usual, Friday is my movie night. After a hard day work, We was heading to Tropicana City Mall to watch the "Alice in the wonderland". Reach there about 6.30p.m and bought the ticket @ 7.30p.m so that we can enjoy our dinner with the spare time.
We went to the Hong Kong Food & Tea Restaurant on 1st floor and I ordered a set meal which consist of a main course, drinks, soup and a dessert. After I ordered they told me the set dessert which is GuilingGou (Tortoise Jelly) has sold of. They only have ice cream left. So I say ok, no problem. To my surprise, when they serve the ice cream it was a small tiny 1 scoop ice cream. ( Previously when i ate there the GuilingGou is about a small bowl )
Then ok, I don't mind as well. But after the 1st taste the taste of the ice cream is truly lame. It really taste like medicine, then i ask the waiter to change it to other flavor. The 1st staff came and he said I can't change. Then I ask another staff to assist me and She said that I already ate it and I can't change. Lastly I ask for the superior to change it and she said they have already run out of other flavor. This I really can't tolerate at all as in the menu I think they have like 10 different kind of servings and flavor. They better made a fortune from me from being so stingy cause I would never ever return to this F*cking restaurant, & you stay away from this restaurant.

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mistery 05 Nov 09
SERVICE REALLY SUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! all waiter included the manager really no manners!! recruits somemore local ppl i trusted that more efficient...foreign worker pls put back to back side!!! this is 1st time im been thr and also last time i been thr!! JUSCO CHERAS!!! Report spam
Liyan 22 Sep 09

Dear Food and tea restaurateur, don't ever think that serving averagely good food and having a lot of customers will be lasting forever... I can guarantee you, it will not if your service staff have bad manners!!!!!!! The quality of service is actually more important then the quality of food, bear that in mind!!! There are two rules and regulation you have to remember, first, customer is always right, second, if you think you are right, please refer back to the first rule... Report spam
Unhappy person 22 Sep 09

I went to food and tea restaurant at Jusco Balakong last friday (18/9) around 8.40pm for dinner. It was indeed a bad experience. NO MANNERS STAFFs.... They actually served hot drinks in plastic glass with the claim of not enough ceramic cups. Then we find the drink from one of the glass was oily compare to another glass with the similar drink. Then the waitress took away both glasses. We can see that the staff who is preparing beverage was very unhappy and they return only one glass of the drink for us. We claim that there is one more glass, the staff prepare again and put at the counter for a very long time. Then the staff eventually pour the drink from the glass to a BOWL.. Hey, what does it mean? Try to express your dissatisfaction? Is your fault or ours?The first time and last time I will be visiting this restaurant!! Report spam
jesline 20 Jul 09

i get RM50 voucher from F & T Rest. after having dinner during promotion period. I went to F & T rest. last weekend, i thought only can using 1 coupon during each visit, but out of the blue, the waitress told me that i can used up all Rm coupon, at first i don quiet believe it, but when i made my payment, my suspicion all gone. i really can used up without any condition. Although i had my dinner worth RM68 but i only need to pay RM18. TQ F&T Rest have such great promotion, hope have the chance to enjoy it again. Report spam
catherine 18 Jul 09

i have the same feeling, i took my family members who came from kluang to have dinner at your restaurant (permas jaya) during May, waitress attitude better than tebrau city cause they are chinese, but took long time to serve our food, the taste not good as before, we even have to wait for more than 15 minutes for takeaway sandwiches. I get RM50 voucher after having the meal due to promotion period, and today i would like to call to find out if i can use it on saturday, but unforunately, i tried thousand time to call the branch but nobody pick up phone, until now, i still dont know the answer. OMG. Report spam

consumer consumption protection because we have paid!! GIVE US POOR SERVICE BUT STIL WANNA SERVICE C 27 Mar 09

last few week afternoon, i went to this restaurant. But there is provide a poor services and the food is not nice. If u wanna go there to take a meals, u must think properly before u go in. Because the staff will take your order wrongly and they wont feel sorry for their mistaken. they will show you a black face and behave in an impolite way. In addition, they do not provide the lunch set for you until u need to ask for them. After that, i still need to wait the next order in a longer time about 20-25minutes. Finally, the food is delivered but the taste is not nice until i even cant finish the half. My friends also cannot finished their food. When i asked for the customer suggestion form, the staff just simply give me a paper already used before. im really strongly unsatisfied on their staff poor behaviour. POOR!!! JUSCO CHERAS Report spam
tx 13 Aug 08

Last time i went Food & Tea Restaurant @ The Mines there eat, their service oso damn shit & suck & i guarantee won't go there second time ! their staff service really suck such as their waitress give us the MENU like THROW the rubish to us, when we go inside their waitress also didn't open the door for let customer come in & didn't ask "WELCOME & hw many person eat like that...& Thank U." also..... , and the waitress write the menu 's attitude are really people no money to pay them 's attitude or something......, i though the service not only at The Mines , Jusco Cheras Selatan there also..... Report spam
Kuantan Food Lover 12 Jun 08

Food & Tea has a new outlet at East Coast Mall, Kuantan. That manager who is a tall lady but more look like a man is really asshole. She can take some of the food from the customer serving and eat while working like nobody business. I have snap her photo and anytime I will share with you who is she. 3 times I went there and one time is real shit. She serve the tall ice kacang to a customer and accidently the tall tower dropped. She take back the ice kacang and servce the customer with another one. The one which is dropped? She happily eat it while serving. She don't even wash her hand after eating customer french fries! Real shit service I argeed! Report spam
why 23 Mar 08

u know actually i like ur food but ur service damn suck.especially in tesco cheras,i think is supervisor a little bit sissy the attitude dman rude and suck.hgope u can improved in service and staff attitude Report spam
fucker 19 Mar 08

ur services is damn tesco i ate once before on last friday,the service is damn suck.i remember got ione gold colour staff very rude

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