Monday, July 27, 2009

Security guard ‘slapped’ by ghosts?

TAMIL Nesan front paged a report of a security guard who was said to have been slapped by ghosts in Port Dickson.

It said S. Albert 32, was making his rounds of bungalow houses in Taman Indah Mas at about 5.30am on Friday when he heard noises coming from a vacant unit.

He shone his torchlight through the window and was shocked to see mysterious white figure with red eyes and long hair.

Albert ran to the guards control room and inform his colleague who told him that his face had scratch marks and was bleeding.

Residents who got wind of the incident gathered with batons and sticks to check the empty bungalow but found nothing suspicious.

Policemen later broke the locks to enter the bungalow and found nothing unusual. The crowd were left stunned when the scratch marks on Albert’s face disappeared the moment he washed it with water.

Source : The star online

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