Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Luggage Thief Caught Red Handed At KLIA

Tuesday January 6, 2009
Luggage thief caught red-handed at KLIA

SEPANG: A member of an international syndicate that steals luggage was caught red-handed after he snatched a bag at the KL International Airport.

A couple, in their 30s from Malacca, had just returned from Australia and were placing their luggage into a taxi at about 6am yesterday.

“I saw from the corner of my eye a smartly dressed man walking away with my hand luggage. I shouted at him and he ran.

“My husband and the taxi driver gave chase and the man dropped my luggage and ran towards a Proton Saga car,” said the woman who declined to be named.

As the thief was about to enter the car, the taxi driver managed to pounce on the man who fell and was hanging onto the car door. He let go of the door and his accomplice sped off.

Passers-by and airport policemen later arrested the man.

“I will be more careful and hope this would be highlighted in the media for others to be careful as well,” the woman said.

She later lodged a report at the Sepang police station.

Sepang OCPD Supt Zahidi Ayub said a 42-year-old Indonesian suspect, who is part of an international syndicate that steals luggage, has been detained.

“The syndicate consists of foreigners who would travel to several countries to commit crimes,” he said, adding that the suspect’s passport showed he had been to countries such as Peru, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau.

Source : The Star

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