Sunday, January 11, 2009

Armed robber tried to pay off overdraft?

An armed robber was arrested after he held up a bank - and returned minutes later to pay off his overdraft.

The man ran into the Kredi Bank in the Serbian ski resort Nova Varos wearing a balaclava and brandishing a shotgun and demanded tellers hand over all the cash they had.

He got the equivalent of £30,000 in cash and then ran out of the bank.

Staff were still recovering from the shock of the robbery when Grlic, this time without his balaclava, walked back in to settle his overdraft.

Sharp-eyed staff recognised the distinctive trainers he'd been wearing and called police.

A police spokesman said: "The man had been wearing bright red trainers and everyone remembered them distinctly when they saw him run out of the bank.

"They could not believe their eyes when they saw a man wearing the same shoes come back in and kept him in the bank talking about his overdraft while our officers arrived."

The man, aged 33, has now been charged with armed robbery.

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