Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday I went to PJ Oldtown to have my breakfast.. On the way there I found there is 1 new restaurant under construction.. Guess what ?... Oldtown White Coffee! Ok, the main problem is usually in Malaysia Oldtown restaurant is a landmark for all of us.. and the little dialogue will explain why it is so troublesome..

Phone conversation between Ah Kau and Ah Mau...

Ah Mau : Hello?

Ah Kau : Wooi! Ah Mau long time no see..

Ah Mau : Oh! Ah Kau, Yialoh? You how ah?

Ah Kau : Same same lah, you free anot leh? Lets go Yumcha lah.

Ah Mau : Can Can..

Ah Kau : Lets meet at PJ Oldtown la in 30 minutes..

Ah Mau : No plobem lah..

30 minutes later...

Ah Mau : Hello, Where are you ah?

Ah Kau : Me at oldtown lah.. You come la..

Ah Mau : Oldtown, I also at oldtown already..

Ah Kau : Why cannot see you 1? Where are you?

Ah Mau : Oldtown lor.. Oldtown so big tell me where are you lah..

Ah Kau : What big ? I at oldtown lah! Table 36 !! aiyoh!!

Ah Mau : $%^$#@@!$%**&&%!! What table!!

Ah Kau : Aiyoh, I at Oldtown lah Old Town !! OLD TOWN...!!!!!!

And finally an Ambulance came...

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